Payments are made on a quarterly basis and include all weekly private lessons and recitals for that quarter.

 New Student Registration:  $80

A one-time fee that covers the cost

of joining the studio.

Yearly Tuition - $100 Discount​!
​30-Minute Private Violin Lessons Sept.-June = $1,394.30
45-Minute Private Violin Lessons Sept.-June = $1,934.52
1-Hour Private Violin Lessons Sept.-June = $2,490.18


Every ​fall you will have the option of paying for the full school year (Sept.-June)

up front with a discount:​​

*Note: If a student joins the studio after the quarter has already begun, the quarter's prior lessons will be credited as makeup lessons to be utilized in the summer months.

Tuition Spring 2021
(April 6 - June 27)
30-Minute Private Violin Lessons = $493.92
45-Minute Private Violin Lessons = $679.14

1-Hour Private Violin Lessons = $864.36