Pricing Breakdown:
30 min. Private Violin Lesson: $40

45 min. Private Violin Lesson: $55

60 min. Private Violin Lesson: $70

Group Violin Class: $15

Group Ukulele Class: $30

Recital Fee: $10

Yearly Tuition with Discount
​30-Minute Private Violin Lessons (save $80) = $1,680
45-Minute Private Violin Lessons (save $90) = $2,210
1-Hour Private Violin Lessons (save $100) = $2,740

Ukulele Group Classes (save $50) = $1030

Payments are made on a quarterly basis and include weekly private lessons, group classes, and recitals for that quarter.

 New Student Registration:  $80

Covers the cost of joining the studio and specific books/materials provided for all beginning students.

All the above tuition costs are based on the total number of private lessons + group classes + recitals in a quarter multiplied by a .029 Paypal processing fee. 

Every fall you will have the additional option of paying for the full school year

up front with a discount:​​

*Note: When a student first joins the studio and the quarter has already begun, they will have their tuition adjusted accordingly to reflect only those lessons, group classes, and recitals remaining in the quarter.

Tuition Spring 2019
(12 lesson weeks, March-May)
30-Minute Private Violin Lessons = $623
45-Minute Private Violin Lessons = $808

1-Hour Private Violin Lesssons = $993

Ukulele Group Classes = $370/person